ADAPT Basketball League (ABL)


“Not Your Typical Recreation Youth League!”



Young athletes are coached by in-house staff who have trained high school, collegiate, and professional basketball players. League participants will also being counseled by Coach Julian Wright, a 14-year professional basketball player and founder of ADAPT Sports & Fitness (ADAPT Basketball) in the form of film analyses and live video conference calls for further enrichment (games will be recorded in-house and at remote locations for in-house review). 

What separates us is that we run our league games similar to the structure of collegiate and pro-level practices/scrimmages. Usually, the coaches handle the officiating and take timeouts as needed (without limitations of uses per half or the length of the timeout). This means that we can develop players at will, as teaching points can be heard on an individual basis as well as targeting one's team or both participating teams. Furthermore and periodically, we provide team film analyses of games either in-person before practice or via file-sharing to families for their review. Coach Julian Wright will spearhead the film analysis operation while he is currently playing overseas in Taiwan! 


Quality-Over-Quantity continues to be at the heart of our business model as we seek to develop players on and off the court.

Meaning, we are not trying to fight against the behemoth AAU/travel ball circuit... let them play on...



Consider securing your spot for high-quality instruction and game play, after learning more from the listed information below.


•By enrolling in our Day Ones Membership, we give households $150 account credit which can be used to go towards registration! 


•It’s recommended that young athletes in age bracket 8 - 9 have at least 1 year of experience and young athletes 10 years old and up, have at least 2 years of basketball playing experience. Even so, we are prepared to build players up and accelerate their knowledge and application of the game of basketball!

•This registration payment is non-refundable. Should there be a withdrawal from the league, our policy is that we convert this transaction to account credit that can be used internally within our programming.




Boys & Girls (Separate Divisions) - Ages 8 - 14



8 - 9 Year Olds, 10 - 11 Year Olds & 12 - 14 Year Olds 



Up to 8 per division



6 for 8 - 9 Year Olds (3-on-3, half court) 

10 for 10 - 14 Year Olds (5-on-5, full court)


**We keep the numbers low for each team to ensure significant playing time for all participants**



Pre-Registration Deadline - December 30, 2020

Team Sign-Up, Late-Registration Deadline - January 15, 2021

Individual Sign-Up, Late-Registration Deadline - January 20, 2021


Pre-Registration: $150

Late-Registration: $180

**Contact us if you’d like to register multiple siblings and we will take 50% off each additional sibling.**

3-on-3 Team Rates


4 players signing up

Pre-Registration: $125 per player

Late-Registration: $150 per player


5 to 6 players signing up

Pre-Registration: $100 - $120 per player

Late-Registration: $125 - $150 per player


**Contact us if you are only signing up 4 players so we can give you the corresponding rate at checkout.**

5-on-5 Team Rates


5 to 7 players signing up

Pre-Registration: $100 - $140 per player

Late-Registration: $125 - $175 per player


8 to 10 players signing up

Pre-Registration: $100 - $125 per player

Late-Registration: $120 - $150 per player

**Contact us if you are only signing up 5 to 7 players so we can give you the corresponding rate at checkout.**


A team can range from friends or people in the same neighborhood to any team that wants to make sure teammates can develop together.


Team rates provide slight to moderate discounts depending on how many players within a booking party register; we distinguish ourselves as a company that focuses its efforts on DEVELOPING PLAYERS within a familiarized league structure (keeping time and score only). Our staff takes time to prepare players for skill work, running certain offensive sets and defensive schemes, and film analysis of each game to deliver via file sharing, which will be available to households for their review. Feel free to send analyses to coaches and whomever, but these are NOT highlight tapes by any means.


Aside from the slight discount, listed in bullet points below are benefits of signing up as a team

•Carpooling made easier

•Coaches want their players to work on chemistry while still developing

•Staying active during the winter months for kids in multiple sports


For teams that are registering 5 or 6 players for the 8 - 9 year-olds or 8 to 10 players for older divisions, please proceed to checkout with the listed team rate.

If you are only registering 4 players (minimum to receive a discount) for the 8 - 9 year-olds or 5 to 7 players for players within older divisions, please click HERE to purchase the appropriate package. Please note that we may assign additional players to your team and yet, the booking party will be assured that their registrants are grouped together.


Lastly, we do not handle split payments at the point of sale. Sales are final and we encourage each booking party to handle the split internally as there are many EFT (electric funds transfer) platforms such as Zelle, CashApp and Venmo, which may allow the payer to be paid prior to or reimbursed after signing up their team.


January 18th - March 7th (6+ Practices & 10 games)


**Every team plays 8 games at ADAPT Sports & Fitness and 2 games at Crews Recreation Center (Matthews, NC)**



March 8th - 14th - Minimum 1 Playoff Game

**Semi-Finals and Finals may be played at Rock Hill Sports & Events Center (Rock Hill, SC)**



Reversible Jersey

Pre-Season Evaluation Day Clinics

Entrance into Big Buckets Shootout (team shooting contest, dates to be determined)

Film Analyses (File Sharing, Periodic Team Breakdowns)



Discounted Team/Individual Photo Shoot 

Complementary DIY Shooting Sessions (Redeem by March 31, 2021)

Per registrant, 1 for Standard Members ($25+ value) and 3 for Day Ones Members ($75+ value)


**Perks are awarded according to each registrant’s membership status as of January 21st, the day after the registration deadline**