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  • Julian Wright


I'm excited to be of service to people of the Charlotte metropolitan area along with the online basketball community! I invite you all to get familiar with my approach to training. Grasp my philosophies and concepts as you visualize yourself (adult clients) or your child(ren) improving at a sure and steady pace before spending a single cent! In confidence, I say A.D.A.P.T. Basketball is set up to provide various services with the intention of having something for everyone regardless of skill level or budget. From group training to semi-private and private sessions and even shooting sessions, people can improve at their pace with ample sessions and time slots that suit peoples' needs. Potential clients should absorb the value they'd be getting for training with A.D.A.P.T. Basketball and should know that I will remain consistent with my modern methods of all-purpose basketball training.

In terms of my approach to basketball training, as God wills me to have good health, I propose one of my unique selling points;


There are many mastermind coaches and trainers who have a wealth of knowledge to give their players/clients, However, many of them stand on the sidelines as they explain what they are looking for out of their clients. As visual learning is very important especially for young athletes, I interactively execute the same drills and movements I am teaching so players can see how efficient and effective they must be to progress and advance their athletic careers.

Group Training:

Although my time is divided amongst all participants during group training, I am able to keep the interests of players by going through circuits. In doing so, circuits allow young athletes to form habits of transitioning to different drills with a good pace and not losing confidence if a drill or progression seems to be difficult. Clients can "come back to it later" and allow for staff to reassess the overall skill level of participants continuously until the session is complete. Staff can keep players' confidence and interest high by either putting kids in certain groups that match their skill level so it's not too challenging or too dull. Young athletes are introduced to offensive and defensive drills that serve as building blocks for them to stacks their skills up exponentially.

I emphasize specific talking points at times that should resonate with all participants, regardless of skill level. The benefits of group training allow for certain flows of workouts that help expand players' game. For example, players will have opportunities to work on defense, scoring on defenders, passing, rebounding drills, etc. Also, whenever I choose to do so and if there are enough people in group sessions, I set aside a segment in the group training for GAME WINNERS, which are shooting drills that grant winners points that are added to their (household's) profile (1, 2, or 3 depending on the point(s) made upon hitting the game-winning basket)! Points are redeemable for select merchandise, sessions, and other seasonal items.

Depending on the skill levels and the amount of players working out, 1-on-1 , 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 drills are laid out for small portions of workout to translate offensive and defensive concepts into game-like situations. This approach helps solidify the concepts in players’ minds, shaping good habits.

Semi-Private/Private Sessions:

My staff and I assist players with personalized instruction as strengths and weaknesses are assessed then addressed. Semi-private sessions are capped off at 3 people which allows me to divide more of my time and focus with clientele who choose to purchase semi-private sessions. Private Sessions gives my staff and I 60 minutes to build that player up with the upmost attention to detail, even giving clients the option of using the last 20 minutes for getting on the shooting machine (staff will pick certain workouts to help with further improvement and/or evaluation).

For semi-private and private basketball training, at times, shots will be charted along with other drills which aid in player’s methodical approach to game-like situations; learning the whens (timing), whys (in-depth explanations), and hows (mechanical renderings to execute drills properly) to accompany the whats within a session.

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