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Players should expect their minds to work along with their bodies

whether it is group training or private lessons. They will have to be students of the game while being good students in the classroom as we infuse many scholastic concepts such as mathematics (e.g., angles to take to be efficient with movements), english (e.g., reinforcing articulate, presentable usage of grammar in sentences) and science (e.g., use of anatomical terms especially during sport performance segments) as a means of connecting what many players are learning or have learned in the classroom to the basketball court.


Players should expect to

be on their best behavior

and be respectful. Foul language and excessive physical play will not be tolerated. After disregarded verbal warnings from staff, at our discretion, can make the offender exit the current workout; clients will not be reimbursed for any workouts paid for unless a formal written (by email) or spoken (in-person) apology is given.






Players should expect competitive segments

throughout certain workouts. However, players need to show sportsmanship, not getting too high (arrogant after winning a drill or comparing possibly advanced skills to peers) and not getting too low (being a sore loser or losing confidence due to not performing as well as desired in a particular drill). Win or loss, made shot or missed shot, players should expect the environment to be one where every athlete is ready to pick each other up and encourage one another.


Players should expect to use their off hand equally for everything! 

The same thing goes for footwork; players should expect to be introduced to uncomfortable movements of the body in order for those movements to eventually become natural to them. A player is harder to defend when he or she is able to shoot certain shots and do in-and-out crossovers with both hands as well as step-backs and moves toward the basket in either direction. It doesn’t matter if it is a floater, ball handling move, hook shot, or dunk; when the body is under pressure to produce, its muscle memory is on standby, ready to record every misstep, turnover, airball, etc., only to correct such things through repetition.



Players should expect to receive pointers

and honest, unbiased feedback about themselves during and/or after the workout. Nothing should be taken personal. Therefore, it is imperative that legal guardians along with their children as well as adult clients remain open to different viewpoints as they intrust us to aid in their development. 


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