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Coach Julian Wright is pleased to announce the company's launch of A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Carolina Academy ("The Academy") which started August 31, 2020! This operation is offered to A.D.A.P.T. BASKETBALL MEMBERS ONLY so please inquire of our memberships to determine which is the best fit. Please go to our "Contracts" tab here or download our app (A.D.A.P.T. Basketball in App Store or Google Play) and go to the "Buy" tab (then "Autopay" tab) in order to purchase a membership which grants access to our various payment plans.


The Academy is offered to young athletes in grades 1st through 12th and is fashioned to encourage and educate with an intentional approach to help young athletes be well-rounded on and off the court. 


ALL skills (athletic, offensive, and defensive), terminology, and schemes (how to be effective within offensive sets and defensive formations) are taught correctly and in-depth, building a solid foundation for young athletes to progress through their regimens efficiently. 




Blended learning (in-person and online instruction) has become the “new norm” indefinitely. It’s best that we embrace it to ensure young athletes are staying fit, motivated, and can press toward their athletic goals in anticipation of COVID-19 being eradicated. We are complementing the blended learning that families are growing accustomed to by offering data-driven, elite training for each skill level within The Academy. We want to empower families and young athletes to be self-disciplined and accountable by completing DIY (do-it-yourself) workouts and being engaged in our discussion boards and live webinars (Online Academy).


Our blended learning consists of in-person skill work and competitive segments as well as homework, DIY workouts, and tests/assessment days so we can periodically chart young athletes’ shots, reaction time, and vertical jumps among other metrics. We do this because it gives us all who are involved (staff, parents, young athletes, and coaches) feedback so we can better tailor and semi-customize workouts to as many young athletes as possible. For example, during any given session, we pull players from the group workout to give them semi-private or private instruction while assessing their skills and responses to our drills (usually for data discovery as in aforementioned charted metrics).

Anybody who signs up for a full term receives free access to our Online Academy during the time in which they are enrolled in-person. Our Carolina Academy is a fluid integration into the online curriculum we have built out which serves both young athletes in the Charlotte metropolitan area and globally. Also, anybody who signs up for full terms are given opportunities to partake in free (optional) workouts as we shoot footage for our Online Academy (a media release must be filled out stating approval and consent of one's child being filmed as a minor).


Throughout the year, there are 4 10-week terms. 9 weeks consist of data-capturing, intense workouts, concurring League Play, or Open Gyms (possibly Fall 2020). The final week is considered a "cool-down week" to participate in different sports or activities to give heavily recruited muscles a rest as well as possibly attending an enrichment class. Coach Wright and at times, guest speakers may appear virtually or visit A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's facility to discuss various topics that can help athletes and parents alike, gain a healthy perspective on the ins-and-outs within the sports world and throughout life in general.

Each term contains on-the-court tactics and hints of sports psychology that go beyond technical basketball skills. The weekly homework assignments are given to young athletes so they can do drills at home and/or at a gym to fill in the gaps of time between sessions with extra repetitions just as it is in academia. 

Within each session and time slot, there is a maximum of 16 participants (8 enrollment + 8 daily drop-ins). We limit each workout to 8 young athletes within each skill level cluster (Beginner/Progressive or Intermediate Phase 1/Phase 2) to rotate between parts of the facility as well as often utilizing outdoors for speed and agility segments. For the Advanced group, we split young athletes up as well.


BEGINNER (1st - 3rd Gr.)

PROGRESSIVE (4th - 6th Gr.)

INTERMEDIATE, PHASE 1 (6th - 8th Gr.)*

INTERMEDIATE, PHASE 2 (8th - 10th Gr.)*

ADVANCED (9th - 12th Gr.)**


*We recommend that young athletes who desire to sign up for Intermediate Phases 1 and 2, have at least 3 years of playing experience and a base knowledge about basketball (rules, court geography, in-game coaching etc.) to see greater gains. The Academy is meant to accelerate the improvement of young athletes with intense coaching so there are less breaks to explain rudimentary concepts. We offer semi-private and private instruction as well as standard group classes to serve young athletes with varying skill levels.

**Entrance is by invite-only or if a young athlete passes our evaluation and satisfies our meticulous grading rubric. Heavily considered factors include if a young athlete has at least one year of experience playing Varsity for their high school team, has received offers or has publicly committed verbally to a NCAA D1 or D2 school, and an overall skill set that keeps them from lagging behind during elite instruction, scrimmages, and competitive segments.


4 young athletes per skill level cluster/time slot (8 for Advanced), can register for each term (enrollment tuition) We prorate payment if the term has already started. Up to 4 young athletes per skill level cluster (up to 8 for Advanced) can sign up for daily drop-ins. 



Monday & Wednesday*

3:00pm- 4:00pm, Beginner/Progressive 

4:00pm- 5:00pm, Beginner/Progressive 

5:00pm - 6:15pm, Intermediate Phase 1/Phase 2 

6:15pm - 7:30pm, Intermediate, Phase 1/Phase 2

7:30pm - 9:00pm, Advanced

*Makeup workouts may occur on weekends to accommodate young athletes who miss a workout due to a prior commitment.


On a weekly basis, we may use Tuesday and/or select weekend afternoons to assemble young athletes within the same skill levels to scrimmage onsite or at various remote locations along with partaking in athletic development/strength training (most likely at Crunch Fitness - Ballantyne, a partner of ours). Due to the uncertainty of being able to secure multiple gyms during The Academy, these aforementioned workouts are all considered optional, yet at no additional cost. However, expect us to rent gyms often to help young athletes apply what they've learned during scrimmages. Academy enrollees (who pay for terms) are automatically registered for these supplemental workouts so out of courtesy, we ask that parents inform us at least 48 hours in advance if their young athlete(s) will not attend a particular workout.

To make sure the drills "come to life," all who are in third grade and sign up for The Academy are automatically opted into A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's fall, winter & spring leagues as well as open gyms. However, league play may not take place until November 2020. Young athletes in first and second grade will have special programming on select Sundays similar to Lil' Shooters, but more competitive segments to reinforce the teaching points emphasized throughout each term.


Putting the politics of middle school, high school, and AAU/travel basketball aside, players are guaranteed playing time throughout each term which gives them a chance to receive high-level coaching during and after game play. More information on our league play and open gyms will be published soon.

To allow for synchronous communication amongst all who have enrolled in The Academy, Coach Wright deploys video conferencing software in order to do webinars (presentation style) and meetings (small groups) that allow breakout rooms to interact amongst each other and with The A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Team via live Q&A and discussion.


Coach Wright's curriculum has been put together with the mindset of enhancing the experience of parents/legal guardians and young athletes, understanding that commitment and consistency are major keys to witnessing constant progress. 


Carolina Academy - Year 1


Term 1 (August 31, 2020 - November 8, 2020)

Term 2 (November 9, 2020 - January 17, 2021)

Term 3 (January 18, 2021 - March 28, 2021)

Term 4 (March 29, 2021 - June 6, 2021)

Summer Programming (June 7, 2021 - August 29, 2021)


Carolina Academy - Year 2


Pre-registration For Term 1 (July 10, 2021 - August 20, 2021)


Daily Drop-in Rates


$65 (Standard)

$50 (Day Ones) 


$100 (Standard) 

$80 (Day Ones)


$115 (Standard)

$90 (Day Ones)

Per-Term (10 weeks, 5-week Installments)


$800 (Standard) (2 installments of $400)

$600 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $300)


$1,200 (Standard) (2 installments of $600)

$900 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $450)


$1,500 (Standard) (2 installments of $750)

$1,200 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $600)


Full-Year Commitment (1-2 Bonus 10-week Terms) (Up To 50% Discount!)


$1,600 (Standard) (2 installments of $800)

$1,200 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $600)


$2,400 (Standard) (2 installments of $1,200)

$1,800 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $900)


$3,000 (Standard) (2 installments of $1,500)

$2,400 (Day Ones) (2 installments of $1,350)








50% taken off the tuition for each additional sibling*. Please contact us so we can put together a customized invoice and payment plan.

We include access to our Online Academy from now until the completion of the first term!**

*First installment is paid in full for each additional sibling. Continued commit locks households into discounted terms.

**Households are given access to the same skill level in correlation to their enrollment into Carolina Academy.

• Day Ones Membership affords many opportunities such as the lowest discounts and priority booking for special events outside of our Carolina Academy. It’s better to become a Day Ones Member first and then register for our Carolina Academy in a separate transaction. 



It's important to note - whether it is a weekly enrollment or an installment, these are non-refundable payments which secure a young athlete's spot in The Academy. 


Per term, there are 2 installments and the amount for tuition is the first installment according to one’s membership tier. The second installment is due on October 2, 2020, which is 5 weeks from the last Friday (August 28, 2020) that precedes the start of Term 1. To continue holding the spot for the next term, payment must be made every 5 weeks perpetually (October 2, 2020, November 6, 2020, December 11, 2020, January 15, 2021, etc.)*

*For full-term commitments, there are only 2 installments needed to secure a spot within The Academy. 


If any new spots open up at the start of each term or mid-term, an initial pro-rated installment becomes available as long as there is a recurring payment plan in place (autopay). Also if any new spots open up, households who may have been waitlisted may reserve their spot for the next term with their first installment.

Households who desire to enroll their child(ren) must create a MINDBODY profile with A.D.A.P.T. Basketball (whoever is the primary account holder) as well as their child(ren).

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. As long as a client perpetually makes payments from the time they register, they will keep their spot until the end of this year's Academy (similar to enrollment policies at many day cares). If no more spots remain within a particular skill level, young athletes can be added to a waitlist. In the meantime, group classes, semi-private classes, shooting sessions, and private lessons are offered throughout the year to aid in young athletes' development.


We suggest that you contact us and inquire of which preferred time slots are available so we can confirm the openings. Afterwards, we can apply the 50% discount (discounts apply to term and daily drop-in payments as long as the payment is executed in-person or via telecommunication with a credit card on file and/or account credit within one’s profile). 


After receipt of payment, we will contact you to execute important paperwork via Docusign (if necessary) and disseminate onboarding information.



If there are any questions concerning enrollment, The Academy in general, or our Day Ones Membership, call us at 704-412-4030, text us at 704-428-9030, or email us at

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