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Coach Wright has created a way for players to get extra physical repetitions in at a gym as they watch a lesson or mental repetitions in the comfort of their home as they prepare for their next day of training.

Online Sessions are a great supplementary benefit especially if combined with concurrent on-court basketball training (even if a client doesn't routinely train with A.D.A.P.T. Basketball in-person)


Quick! Find a gym! Either train live or access the video online later (downloadable also) to train at the same time as if training with others in an encouraging and energetic environment.

Classes will be streamed live in-person with a live audience who will get a chance to see live basketball training and demonstrations of certain drills. There will be a live chat along with challenges (people can post their videos on social media within 15 minutes of drills being completed to interact with others under hashtag #adaptbballonline. These classes are not a part of A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Academy. All videos will be available for download even if subscribers can not view the live stream.


Get a head of the game with QUICK TIPS! Upon request, Coach Wright virtually demonstrates specific drills or skill sets in areas clients and viewers might want to focus on. It's recommended [only after booking the Quick Tips session(s)] that clients send detailed requests as well as short video clips of drills so the maneuvers can be demonstrated and the points of emphasIs can be articulated.


Clients will forever have access to 10 minutes of detailed, personalized online instruction which can be replayed as many times as desired in order to develop.


$50 per session


Prices (Per Skill Set & Level):

Beginner: $20 for 10 videos

Intermediate: $25 for 10 videos

Advanced: $35 for 15 videos

Skill Set Bundle- $70 for all 35 videos ($2 per video and can keep for a lifetime to stay sharp on the basketball court)


All-In Bundle (Beginner) (All Drills)- $150 for 100+ videos

All-In Bundle (Intermediate) (All Drills)- $200 for 100+ videos

All-In Bundle (Advanced) (All Drills)- $250 for 150+ videos

All-In Bundle (Complete With All Tiers) (All Drills)- $450 for 450+ videos ($800 value!)


Extra tips will be thrown into purchases of bundles for going all-in and trusting the expertise  and guidance of head trainer & 12-year professional Coach Julian Wright.


For more information about booking, discounts, and advantages with memberships, please view BOOKING POLICY.

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