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An in-depth explanation of how group training and personalized training work.


Come join staff and peers for a solid session of training on an on-demand basis.


A breakdown of how payment is structured and executed.


A easy layout showing how memberships work and benefits received at each tier.


GROUP training (LARGE & SMALL)

For most classes, best efforts are made to keep the ratio at 6:1 in regards to the amount of players being coached by our trainers. An exception is reserved for Early-Bird Classes in particular, which consists of Juniors (aged 2-5) and Homeschoolers (Grades K-12). These sessions may allow up to an 8:1 players to trainer ratio as these classes are more recreational in nature which do not require as many in-depth explanations.


Group classes are conducted based on circuits that clients go through. In this way, staff can conduct sessions efficiently as they monitor everybody and communicate

effectively so all participants can benefit with constant transition to drills and sharpening of their listening skills. Clients who book group classes are locked in at a lower rate, whether 20 young athletes show up or just 2 young athletes. However, even if there are less people than the maximum allowed in a particular age group, workouts will not be customized for clients who book group sessions compared to planned personalized training (semi-private/private sessions). This is because A.D.A.P.T. Basketball will always anticipate people booking up until 1 hour prior to the start of group classes. Also, walk-ins are allowed to enter any class as long as 15 minutes have not elapsed within a particular session. Also, it needs to be at least 3 participants in the same age group during a training session to qualify for GAME WINNERS, which are victories in competitive shooting drills that translate into points.*

*The winners are granted points that are added to their (household's) profile. The points received correlate to the value of the made basket that won the shooting competition (1 point for made free throw, 2 points for made 2-point, field goal, 3 points for made 3-point field goal). Yet there is a multiplier of 10 to account for when entering points into a household's account (10, 20, or 30-point entries).


Clients who book in designated time slots reserved for semi-private and private training create a protected opportunity for personalized training. With less people being trained in a 60-minute period allows for more time to stop and correct more errors by staff. Also, at times and for select workouts, state-of-the-art equipment such as shooting machines, a dribbling apparatus which focuses on kinetic and hand-eye coordination, along with other equipment will be used to rapidly develop players.

For semi-private classes, no more than 4 clients are allowed to book in these reserved time slots. There is a modest discount given to families who have multiple children along with teammates who desire to train together. These personalized sessions allow time for in-session filming and analyses at times to help clients see their mistakes quickly so they can immediately correct them. Both types of personalized training will predominantly take place in the back half of the facility with a non-transparent gym divider and scarce seating only for the people who've accompanied clients, to minimize distractions.



Walk-ins are accepted in case a client wants to come to the facility and check out our operation first without booking online. For instance, parents may want to briefly speak in-person with staff or receive a 30-minute consultation and assessment of their child(ren) especially if they are considering training long-term with A.D.A.P.T. Basketball. However, it should be noted that walk-ins are always permitted for group sessions if there are available spots. Usually, regarding semi-private and private workouts, newer clients or prospects will not be taken as walk-ins unless there is enough time for the staff to prepare for assessments or workouts. In any case, if a walk-in desires to train, their payment will be taken on-the-spot (credit/debit or cash- no personal checks) along with all necessary forms filled out and submitted prior to the start of the session (most importantly, the waiver and release of liability agreement). 



All of our standard programming will be paid for on a drop-in rate basis as it correlates to their membership or non-membership status. For all transactions that are purchased via drop-in rates, the full amount is due at checkout even if a client or household is paying for multiple clients.

We only allow packages and/or installments for members as well as teams and organizations that have entered into a short-term or long-term agreement to train with ADAPT Sports & Fitness. We may put a certain amount of players (minimum of 5) through programming for specified programming at our discretion and with granted special requests.


At times, ADAPT Sports & Fitness may run promotions that allow for rewards of account credit, free workouts, and other bonuses as incentives to pay one's balance in full. If flexibility is needed, please contact us so we can execute a payment plan. With the exception of drop-in purchases and membership payments, all agreements at the point of sale of $200 to $999.99 only require a 50% deposit (only credit/debit cards, and ACH/EFT - payment in cash or checks must be made in full)*. For balances that are $1,000 and greater only require a 25% deposit. Whether paid in full or partially, payment compensates staff for time of preparation, reservation of facilities or field space, and/or to lock in dates and times while subsequently blocking other booking parties from desired time slots.

The remaining balance is due two weeks from the date of programming for teams and events with organizations or due before the second half of programming is honored and reserved within scheduled time slots for a household with packages. Failure to show up and/or pay the remaining balance may result in termination, relegation, or repossession of incentives or bonuses which may have been granted under initial agreement as well as partial or total restriction to purchases packages or book with ADAPT Sports & Fitness (at our discretion and usually for repeated offenses).

*All teams and organizations have the liberty to purchase in full and some agreements may require such payments in full. Checks will be deposited instantaneously through our online digital banking solution (uploaded and completed check deposits may take place outside of in-person transactions for example, if mailed to a specified location/recipient, in which we would confirm receipt of payment via email and/or a generated receipt).

Overall, regarding methods of payment, credit/debit card transactions are preferred and accepted for all products and services. Cash money transactions and submission of checks are only accepted for drop-in classes, private lessons, DIY Shooting, and special events or offerings, but must be paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please note, at checkout, any discounts or redemption of points will only be processed and credited to those who pay with a credit or debit card. ADAPT Sports & Fitness does not intend on making any transactions that require giving change outside of increments of 5 dollars as our pricing allows for and encourages quick transactions during and at the completion of each workout. The only exception is merchandise or food and drink purchases which may be done through a third party and such vendor or partner may have a different payment or rendering of change given.

Refunds are given to teams and organizations who cancel BEFORE two weeks of an event or any prior specified time limitation via a written agreement. Refunds are given to clients who cancel their appointment BEFORE 24 hours of a session's start time. If a client reschedules BEFORE 24 hours of a workout's start time, the workout will not go towards whatever has already been paid for. It's better to reschedule rather than let a paid session go to waste. Furthermore, refunds are credited in the form of account credit to be used with our business. We do not refund in the form of cash or putting funds back into one's bank account. NO EXCEPTIONS.



All sensitive information such as a prospect or client's home and billing address, credit card, and such things, are secure within this customer relationship management software (MINDBODY). According to A.D.A.P.T. Basketball’s code of ethics, they will not tag any photos or make mention of minor's presence in real-time as to compromise any possibly preferred privacy (having their whereabouts made public) without a parent/guardian's written or verbal consent.


Any information provided on our premises or at events conducted by A.D.A.P.T. Basketball will never be sold to third parties, but may be gathered to help affiliates, partners, and sponsors market products and services digitally or for joint events.




A.D.A.P.T. Basketball has integrated the software/app MINDBODY into this website for a convenient booking and point of sale experience for all parties.

Become an A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Member via MINDBODY so you can enjoy perks such as discounts for all workouts (degree of discount depends on the tier of membership), being able to easily and quickly access staff's availability to secure time slots, receive texts/SMS and emails for “DAILY DEALS” (unexpected discounts) and GAME WINNERS (victories in competitive shooting drills that translate into points).

GAME WINNER = Multiplier of 10 For Value of Made Basket (1-pointer, 2-pointer, or 3-pointer)

1-pointer = 10 points

2-pointer = 20 points

3-pointer = 30 points


Another advantage of being an A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Member is by routinely booking sessions on a monthly basis, points accumulate quickly which can be redeemed for free workous, gift cards at select athletic apparel/sporting goods stores, as well as entrances into various raffles. Memberships are secured via credit card processing and ACH/EFT only.

As a member, feel free to mix and match, taking advantage of the different programming A.D.A.P.T. Basketball offers based on the various training durations and amount of participants to suit your schedule and personal goals. Whether it is group training and personalized training in-person or our new virtual basketball training online, different aspects surrounding development of basketball skills are strategically put in place to hopefully and ultimately aid in every client's improvement.

If anybody sees spots on the online calendar within the MINDBODY app that appears unavailable (especially in the evenings on weekdays and afternoons on weekends), do not hesitate to contact Coach Wright or his staff. Many time slots are not able to be booked online due to A.D.A.P.T. Basketball needing "flex time" to account for scheduled consultation, recording for A.D.A.P.T. Basketball TV, and rests throughout the day. On certain days, staff may take on more clients as long as it's in their capacity to add a couple bookings.

Quality is always more important than quantity.


Any updates or changes that may occur are emailed or texted to clients (based on their preference of communication), keeping them informed as soon as possible. If clientele or any personnel from schools, for example, (especially if they are hosting a gym or facility) desire that A.D.A.P.T. Basketball comes to them and conduct a session outside of their facility, please send inquires to so the workout(s) can be arranged (requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance).

New clients, whether an A.D.A.P.T. member via MINDBODY or not, must fill out forms consisting of waivers, verification of being 18 years or older by an adult client or parent/legal guardian of a minor, and other pertinent information. 

If a client elects to book without being an A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Member via MINDBODY'S scheduling software, please email us at or with a mobile phone, call/text (704) 412-4030. We will do our best to respond to inquiries and questions about scheduling as soon as possible. However, please consider that the entire staff will make an even better effort to update their calendar and availability on MINDBODY for everyone's convenience as well as incentivized perks (point earning) for its A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Members who book online.

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