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Shooting Sessions are great DIY supplemental workouts which aid in one's steady development of their accuracy. Shooting Sessions allow clientele to get ample shots up at their own pace while all-around development of skills remain at the center of A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's approach. 

Note: Anybody who does not predominantly train with A.D.A.P.T. Basketball should feel welcome to enter our facility for shooting sessions. There will be no instruction given (nor proselytizing) at any time, nor during these time slots so self-discipline is crucial to maximizing one's time and space therein.

It's as if Shooting Sessions are a separate operation that gives people the ability to simply pay for time and space to improve without instruction from A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's staff. Apparatuses such as IC3 Shot Maker, NOAH, and Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machines  allow for optimal shooting trajectory, analytics, and programming of workouts which can track a shooter's progress through downloaded smartphone apps.


(Limit: 3 young athletes per Minor Station (2 Stations) (Grades K-8), 2 participants per Major Station (2 Stations) (Ages 11 and up) & 4 participants per Mega Station (2 Stations) (Ages 11 and up)

Drop-in Rates:

2 Mini Stations (IC3 Shot Trainer or "Baby Baskets") (25 Min.)- Starting at $5 (Ages 2-11 Only)*

2 Minor Stations (IC3 Shot Trainer) (40 Min.)- $25 per person (Ages 7-11 Only)**

2 Major Stations (Dr. Dish All Star) (40 Min.)-  $45 per person (Ages 12 and up) 

2 Mega Stations (Dr. Dish All Star) (40 Min.)-  $85 per person (Ages 12 and up) (Includes use of The Lazer Dribbling Machine.)

*Not routinely scheduled, yet often offered in the form of separate "Small Shooters" sessions. Maximum 3 young athletes per station. Rims are lowered to 7 feet and/or 8 feet in height during these sessions.

**Minor Stations are great for younger athletes in grades K-8. There is no three point line so it encourages kids to master their mid-range shooting before attempting to extend their range. Within this age group, there are too many kids hoisting three pointers (shooting from their hips) and shooting a low percentage while reinforcing bad habits such as poor balance and inconsistent follow throughs (not an exhaustive list).

For more information about booking, discounts, and advantages with memberships, please view BOOKING POLICY.

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